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MKS Gen L with 300+°C hotend

Posted by aamcle 
MKS Gen L with 300+°C hotend
September 07, 2022 01:57PM
I'm fitting an E3d V6 to a printer running a MKS Gen L board with the intention to print PC. PC apparently needs print temperatures in the range 280-310°C which is right at the top of most thermistors range.

What is the simplest what to to fit a probe capable of reading higher temperatures?

PT100s seem to need a daughter board and a PT1000 needs the MKS board modified.

What is the simple as way to do this? A high temperature thermistor? Where would I get one for a E3V6 block.

Thanks All.
Re: MKS Gen L with 300+°C hotend
September 09, 2022 05:42PM
OK I think I have a solution.
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