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Anything related to printer controllers not being Duet, RAMPS or Sanguinololu: microprocessors, motor and heater driver circuitry, gEDA/KiCAD issues, soldering tips, etc. 
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TFT28 Not seeing GCODE files

by jtreg
348 2 05/25/2017 09:40AM
Last Post by PhantomGT

CNC Shield V3 + Arduino Uno R3, Heater

by caslor
515 2 05/24/2017 11:35AM
Last Post by caslor

MKS mini-b v1.0 Attachments

by lapo
1,827 6 05/21/2017 04:51AM
Last Post by Dust

Arduino Mega, dc barrel and VIn

by Aethelstan
370 13 05/18/2017 01:42PM
Last Post by o_lampe

Unable to connect Rumba Board to PC

by thomas.p
712 11 05/14/2017 08:59AM
Last Post by hisforhack

Slow heating up on MK3 dual power heat bedconfused smiley   (Pages: 1 2)

by ianmcmill
15,031 36 05/10/2017 12:58PM
Last Post by bbogdanmircea

Stepper driver settings and connections questions.

by HugoW
358 3 05/07/2017 09:01AM
Last Post by HugoW

Smart Controller + RAMBo Errors

by Averybot
300 4 05/06/2017 07:17PM
Last Post by Averybot

Weird transistor behavior: always 24v on (+) and 22v on (-) ?!? [Azteeg X3 pro] sad smiley Attachments

by Leav
323 5 05/03/2017 02:17AM
Last Post by Dust

Converting a Prusa i3 3D printer to a laser Attachments

by rfresh737
497 3 05/01/2017 11:00AM
Last Post by rfresh737

Gen7 Board -ARM 2.0 DIY build Attachments

by Shank man
1,013 19 04/27/2017 07:31AM
Last Post by parto

Help with Reprap Discount full graphic controller

by MarinusK
436 3 04/27/2017 02:31AM
Last Post by 762x51

New Controller, different homing behavior (MKS Base 1.5)

by fullHundo
357 3 04/26/2017 02:51PM
Last Post by fullHundo

MINTEMP error with new silicone bed install, runaway heating Attachments

by fullHundo
496 11 04/25/2017 04:02AM
Last Post by fullHundo

TMC 2130 spreadCycle - wine noise Attachments

by DeathmannX
1,073 4 04/23/2017 10:09AM
Last Post by DeathmannX

How do you think of the design of Mightyboard by Makerbot?

by thuwrx10
401 2 04/18/2017 09:59AM
Last Post by dc42

Re-arm, connection drops after G31

by sungod3k
610 24 04/17/2017 08:12PM
Last Post by sungod3k

Azteeg X1 3DP with lcd & SD control board Attachments

by ju de tomate
370 9 04/17/2017 11:03AM
Last Post by Chris0812

MKS TFT Icon problems Attachments

by mrcshbs
631 2 04/16/2017 04:51PM
Last Post by mrcshbs

How add new electronic on reprap.org (wiki)

by android444
288 3 04/16/2017 03:33AM
Last Post by android444

Hall effect sensor KY-035

by Desertboy
522 9 04/11/2017 10:41AM
Last Post by Desertboy

RAmp controller not giving accurate readings

by noob30
318 1 04/07/2017 08:52AM
Last Post by noob30

RAMPS 1.4 on 12V; replace D2 with a 12V zener?

by HugoW
413 7 04/03/2017 02:46PM
Last Post by dc42

RADDS v1.5 or Duet Wifi for CoreXY

by jpt000
1,765 8 03/28/2017 03:06PM
Last Post by dc42

Rumba resets after/during movement when two axes are moving

by karl.ranseier
478 10 03/25/2017 09:27AM
Last Post by karl.ranseier

MKS Gen v1.4 Pins for fan/blower controll

by mstitdk
2,795 3 03/19/2017 12:53AM
Last Post by Dust

Arduino CLK out to TMC429 Motion Controller ?

by NaveenKvmh
326 3 03/16/2017 09:53AM
Last Post by NaveenKvmh

Nonfunctional SD card's slot LCD 2004

by Tony3
303 1 03/16/2017 05:40AM
Last Post by Tony3

Anyone knows this 3D Printer board ? Attachments

by LeanBikkes
420 4 03/15/2017 08:25PM
Last Post by Dust

Are A4982 drivers supposed to be so noisy?

by plankton
3,989 14 03/14/2017 06:23AM
Last Post by bbogdanmircea