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UCB Test Instructions modified

Posted by jmarsden 
UCB Test Instructions modified
July 22, 2007 12:30AM
I just added a little note to the Third stage test instructions for the UCB, to deal with the issue that tests 3 to 6 are for StepperController boards not for raw UCBs. It reads:

> Please Note: The tests that follow are specific to Stepper
> Controller boards and so need P3, R10 and R11 in place to
> work as described below. It is fine to go ahead and add these
> components to the board at this stage. If your Universal
> Controller Board is going to eventually become an Extruder
> Controller, do not add those components. In this case, the
> only further test you can make at this stage is to use the
> "poke" tool to confirm that you can communicate with it.
> The lack of "Sync" may mean you can only receive an ACK from
> the poke tool once before needing to power cycle the card.
> This is normal in these circumstances.

It would be better to remove tests 3 to 6 from the UCB page and add them to the Stepper Controller page, and to more fully document use of poke... but at least this is a start.

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