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5d code now has software max limits!

Posted by james villeneuve 
Hey I just updated the 5d code firmware with software max limits. what it does is check your parsed gcode, and if the value is above your limit, then it modifies the gcode before it is processed. This is a 'firmware safe hardware check' as it assumes that 30mm (or whatever max value you choose) is the max limit. this prevents accidental crashes, or issues with homing from the reprap host software.

for testing purposes i think i have x as 30, y as 30, and z as 10

i left min limit alone as they should have switches for homing.

code is experimental, but can be found here for a month or so.

a soft limit is a predefined max movement ability of your tool. so if you set it at 50 then any value above that is 50. so your tool will not move into its side.

check pin out and temp settings before use!

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