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Opto endstop 1.0.1 silkscreen error?

Posted by reece.arnott 
Opto endstop 1.0.1 silkscreen error?
August 31, 2007 06:13PM
Just doing the opto-stop boards and the silkscreen on the ones I have (v1.0.1) have R1 as a 10K resistor at the edge of the board and R2 as 220 by H1. Looking at the documentation and pictures it seems as if the silkscreen has the labels R1 and R2 around the wrong way. i.e. R2 is the 10K at the edge of the board and R1 is 220 by H1.
PS: Opto endstop 1.0.1
August 31, 2007 07:05PM
Just finished soldering the components into the Opto-endstop boards and came across some other issues:

1. The silver circles around the R1 and R2 holes for solder to stick to are smaller than normal (I'd say too small).
2. The holes for the 3 pin header to plug into are even smaller than normal. It took too much force to put them in. Some of them had the pins slip through the keyed plastic bit so the y pins protruding were uneven due to the amount of force I needed to us.
3. The pictures in the documentation are out of date and the documentation doesn't specify which way round the keyed 3 pin header should go. I choose to put it with the key facing to the edge of the board as that was the position from which I could best apply the force needed to insert it.
Re: Opto endstop 1.0.1 silkscreen error?
September 02, 2007 01:24PM
thank you for the heads up. i'll fix those bugs and get v1.0.2 out here shortly.
Re: PS: Opto endstop 1.0.1
September 08, 2007 12:14AM
Just connected the opto-stops to the rest of the electronics and answered my own question: the keyed 3 pin header on the opto-stop boards should go in the same orientation as the one its connected to on the stepper controller board i.e. with the key facing towards the center of the board.

And wouldn't you know it, I had it the other way round. Its quite easy to tell as when you plug in the Min opto-stop the debug light on the stepper board stays on if its round the right way.

As it took so much effort to get the headers in I've just crossed over the connecting wires rather than redo the headers themselves.

I've tested the Max opto-stops as well but I'm not sure I'm getting the right results. As you insert something in the way of the sensor the debug light switches state from on to off or from off to on but the stepper motor (or in my case the stepper tester board flashing lights) doesn't turn off.
Re: PS: Opto endstop 1.0.1
November 18, 2007 11:44PM
reece, did your issue with the motor turning off get resolved?
Re: PS: Opto endstop 1.0.1
November 19, 2007 06:34PM
Not that I'm aware of. I haven't updated the firmware or had a good play with the max opto-stops in a number of months though.

If I get time in the next couple of days I might try again.
Re: Opto endstop 1.0.1 silkscreen error?
November 20, 2007 01:23AM
Looking at the issue now with more familiarity with the blinky lights it looks as if the issue is a non-issue after all.

I don't have stepper motors yet so I'm using the stepper tester boards and the lights stop when they're supposed to. The only issue may have been with the debug light on the controller board itself which blinks while the stepper motors are running. It didn't seem to reset itself to being solidly on when the max endstop was hit. If the max endstop was hit during the off cycle, the light stayed off. I don't think this is a problem now (or at least I can't replicate the issue).

Does someone who knows the firmware/software want to confirm this?
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