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Stepper extruder looses torque

Posted by Braden Kear 
Re: Stepper extruder looses torque
August 31, 2010 07:43AM
emt Wrote:
> Replacing M108 S### with M108 R###
> S (tab) R in replace.csv should do it. Will change
> all S to R.
> For specifics you can I believe put M108(space)S
> (tab) M108(space)R

I tried creating a replace.csv with "M108 S(tab)M108 R" and then again with "S(tab)R" in the skeinforge main directory, skeinforge_tools, and tried putting it into a new directory called alterations, within the main skienforge directory, since I saw mention of it on a search for "skeinforge replace.csv".

Unfortunately every time I opened the .gcode output in ReplicatorG, M108 S was unchanged.

gr0k Wrote:
> I still haven't tried it yet, but take a look at
> this rpmify skeinforge plugin:
> [groups.google.com]
> d2edbaec22?pli=1

Not entirely sure how to use this plugin, I'm reading through the Skeinforge documentation now, but help is always appreciated!

I read in wiki.makerbot.com that you need to preempt M108 R commands (RPM) with M108 S (PWM)(once per Gcode) to set PWM for the stepper, is this required for a dedicated stepper driver, or just the H bridge hack?

I'm using Skeinforge for makerbot, which I found here. (since I'm running makerbot firmware, I assume that this is the best option?)

Sorry for all the questions, the learning curve is steep, I really appreciate the help.
Re: Stepper extruder looses torque
September 01, 2010 10:00AM

I think the alterations plugins may only be in later versions of Skeinforge which are here:-


I always use the latest version as Enrique is improving the programme all the time. I have rarely had any problems and when I have Enrique has responded very promptly.

I always delete the old version directory completely as the directory structures have changed over time and if you don't have a clean install you are likely to run into problems. I usually install in a newly created directory and test from there before I delete the older version.


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