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SKR 1.3 + TMC5160

Posted by Dgils 
SKR 1.3 + TMC5160
October 16, 2021 03:14PM

I changed my 2560+ramp1.4+a4899 with a SKR1.3+TMC5160

I follow instruction from btt to make setup on SKR1.3+TMC5160
I use visual studio for diferent version of marlin 2.0
everytime I compile with success
I succeed in transfert to board.

here is issue I have : I can not make work motors.
I made different test.
try with different marlin. version originale V2.0.6x V2.0.9.1 V2.0.9.2 even a cartesian version. No change
try with power supply 12V and 24V no change
try to turn cable connector between board and motor no change
everything else is working : endstop fan heater.
with pronterface or lcd menu, if I make a G28 after few sec it crash printer.

I think, Issue is not in marlin firmware as I tried different one, at the end I was chnaging strict minimum but it failed every time with motor.
(by the way for information, config.h and adv delta version remove some menu in lcd panel. probleme I do not have with cartesian version.)
No I have no more idea what to do...
I can provide conf.h and conf adv, but not sure it will help

if someone can assist me with this issue.
Re: SKR 1.3 + TMC5160
October 16, 2021 08:55PM
This is often the following setting being enabled, when the stepper driver has enable pins. so steppers are never enabled.

* Software enable
* Use for drivers that do not use a dedicated enable pin, but rather handle the same
* function through a communication line such as SPI or UART.
Re: SKR 1.3 + TMC5160
October 18, 2021 02:58AM
thank you... at least I progress.

Ok I activated it, but not tested for the moment not on site where the printer is.

when compiling, I get this error message that is not blocking but is in warning :

'void print_es_state(bool, const char*)' defined but not used [-Wunused-function]

is it because I have physical endstop and SPI mode do not use it ?
if I understand good SPI mode use motor resustance as endstop instead of physical end stop ?

is it possible to use real endstop , by I do not know using TMC5160_standalone function ?
Re: SKR 1.3 + TMC5160
October 18, 2021 05:16PM
Oki I just tested.

Nothing changed. No move from motor.

any new idea to make it work ?
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