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looking for a little guidance

Posted by BrianRowes 
looking for a little guidance
April 26, 2014 11:06PM
hey all
looking for a lil help(the famed noob thread)
ive just built my router and decided since i had a spare ramps board(cant read temps any more but everything else is fine) id strap er up and see what happened
well all went well, drives the axis(faster than expected as well) cuts(couldnt help myself, spoil board has a square on it now....) and generally seems quite happy.
however when i tried exporting gcode to it(yeah, have no idea what im doing, am using hsmexpress, but dont know which post proccessors to use) i keep getting checksum errors and thats about it
running ramps 1.4 on sprinter
am willing to change up firmwares ect to get things up and going
tell you what, for every bit of help you give, you can hit me with another "worthless noob" joke. lets make it fun for everyone tongue sticking out smiley
Re: looking for a little guidance
June 22, 2014 03:45AM

I have been using PYCAM for several years to create 3D router gcode - I make 'carved' guitar tops on my custom CNC mill - and it works well.

I haven't tried it with RAMPS - I use EMC2 with a parallel port and much heavier electronics than you can drive with RepRap hardware.

I find the sweetest combination for me is Repetier Host and Repetier firmware, as it has a nice easy way to insert custom gcode by the line or file.

Hope this helps.

BTW we're all NOOBs with stuff we haven't succeeded in dong yet (or stuff we just broke)!

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