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Designing my own CNC Polishing Machine

Posted by Wolvrne 
Designing my own CNC Polishing Machine
March 09, 2015 07:20PM

I am endeavoring to set up my CNC router to become a closed system polishing machine for glass faces of watches. The system is to have a full touch screen, with my own GUI.
I want to run a Raspberry Pi, which will boot straight into my GUI, and will drive my motors.
I want to use an Arduino to run my 3 stepper motors, and to control a single DC motor.

I am wanting to know what parts I'll need.

What I have:

Raspberry Pi A+

3 Nema17 motors and a single dc motor, which have all be stripped off a CNC router. The point of this project is to design a system which boots straight into a GUI, so any Tom Dick and Harry can use it.

(It will lead to a proto type polishing machine I'd like to one day manufacture).
Re: Designing my own CNC Polishing Machine
April 28, 2015 05:24AM
You can get from the cnczone's forum,you can have a look
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