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G-CODE generating software

Posted by RogerA 
G-CODE generating software
July 26, 2017 10:15AM
Hi There!

I'm building my first laser cutter and the hardware is coming nicely...I've been looking around at various softwares to convert images/vector files to G-CODE and I wanted to see what other people are using. Inksape with the Jtech Photonics plugin seems to be pretty prevalent, but it's OS-X version is clunky (in that it really doesn't exist, it needs to run on X-ll).

Is anybody aware of a natively-MAC-supported software package that could be used here?

Sorry if this isn't the appropriate forum: There are some software forums below but this seemed like the best place for this specific question...If the mods feel it should be relocated I understand.


Re: G-CODE generating software
July 26, 2017 11:36AM
Hi Roger,

for laser-engraving I'm mostly using self programmed "plugins" for a modified Pronterface with common RepRap-electonics/firmwares - with them (and two comercial CNC-programs, I've modified for laser-engraving too) my main vector-format is HPGL/PLT, what can be exported from a variety of programs -- mostly in use: CorelDraw X6 or Inkscape ...

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