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Announcing the Reality 3D version 2 smiling smiley

Posted by aakash.ece 
Announcing the Reality 3D version 2 smiling smiley
November 22, 2012 01:57AM
Hello Friends!

Here's the second workhorse from the stable - the R3D2 smiling smiley

This is a PrintrBoard based machine. Highlights include:
Micro SD card: You can now save your design onto an SD card and print from it. No computer necessary!
LCD & Jog dial: All the printer operation commands can be issued right off the printer. Pronterface not needed!
Standalone printing: No more failed prints because of "EMI problems" on USB ports (if you're neck deep into home 3D printing, you know what a relief this is!)
Silent operation: The motors are 1/16 microstepped (was 1/8 in Version 1). The motors are dead silent!
Better aesthetics: The top is clean - no Z belt as found on version 1 printer.

Pls download the brochure here.

To buy please visit our store.
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