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makemendel cheating

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
makemendel cheating
December 07, 2012 12:24PM
On a side note: something has come to my attention that I am worried about:
There is a FAKE orca 0.40 in the market (For example: makemendel.com), that is not 040.. that is 030+lm8uu..
Untill we have released the files (plastics & thick sheet) all others are fake, its easy to see if we have released files (check download section: downloads - 2d-drawings -Orca)
I mention this because people need to know that those machines are not compatible with upgrades etc (for example v0.41 coming in a few weeks.. small addons for 0.40, like spool holder etc.)
Orca 0.40 is not just 0.30 with linear bearings.. the linear bearings was probably the smallest change (0.30 was already designed to be used with lm8uu in future).
Orca 0.40 is also improved in build area size (increased without increasing total frame size), stiffness, easiness to build/prepared for ACME-thread etc etc.

And last but not least:
webshop is temporarily closed again to get catched up on most orders first (and to let lead-times drop a bit)
And maybe that gives me time to finish 040/041 manual in coming week(s), however i should have more pictures online very soon too, which are usefull for building 040
Also there is a huge amount of PLA 1.75mm on 750gram spools produced and in stock in a few days.. also in new colors, like really bright pink etc.
more news later..

source and please think and choose your brand before you go and buy

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