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Kudo3D Titan1 3D Printer

Posted by sanjanas 
Kudo3D Titan1 3D Printer
May 21, 2014 01:59PM
Has anyone seen or heard about the Kudo3D Titan1 3D Printer? It almost seems like a device which is too good to be true. The Titan1 is an SLS printer which uses Resin, as well as a patent pending PSP (Passive Self-Peeling) technology. The printer will be compatible with pretty much all SLA photoresins sensitive to 400nm light.

Here are the Specifications of the Kudo3D Titan1:

- XY resolution: 37 micron to 100 micron
- Z resolution: 1 micron
- Build Size: 19.2cm x 10.8cm x 24.3cm (WxDxH approx)
- Print speed:
- 2.7 inches / hr for xy:50 micron and z:100 micron resolution
- 1.3 inches / hr for xy:100 micron and z:100 micron resolution
- 1.9 inches / hr for xy:100 micron and z:200 micron resolution
- Able to pause printing and replace resin with different color in the middle of a print
- Machine Size: 40cm x 30cm x 85cm
- Flexible PSP resin container
- High precision industrial grade linear stage module
- HD 1920×1080 DLP projector
- Mega 2560 and RAMPS 1.4 controlling circuit
- Nema 17 Stepping motor
- 12cm cooling fan
- Aluminum extrusion frame with steel enhancement
- Brushed aluminum case

The Company which was founded by Tedd Syao, claims that they have a min resolution of 1μm! That is incredible if it proves to be true. Most other SLS printers are 25μm and above resolution wise. The print speeds are also staggeringly fast at 1.3in to 2.7in/hr for Z 100μm, which blows away just about every ther sSLS 3D printer on the market. What are your opinions?

Titan1 will apparently have early bird prices starting at $1,899 (Rs. 1.1 lakhs), which is much more affordable than Formlabs and B9Creator. It will be launched on May 27 at 8:30 am PST on Kickstarter. More information can be found at kudo3d.com.
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