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STL for toothed gear

Posted by Leav 
STL for toothed gear
October 20, 2008 04:55PM

Is there an STL for the toothed gear somewhere?

It's funny, but it's actually easier for me to print out a toothed gear, than the mold and the use the molds. (because the mold plastic is hard to obtain).

Alternatively I would also appreciate a link to the belt's spec sheet.

Re: STL for toothed gear
October 21, 2008 08:13AM
Try this - it is the 20 toothed belt gear as used in the BfB design X and Y axes. 0.125mm resolution with the standard 2.5mm pitch belt.

open | download - Belt20Tooth.stl (250.6 KB)
Re: STL for toothed gear
October 22, 2008 06:06AM

I just checked this post to reply that I just modeled one in CAD and am going to try it out.

I'll try out the one you suggested as well Peter, thanks again

Attached is the STL for the gear I made, after the schematics over at:


I'll let you know if either work out smiling smiley

open | download - pulley_test.STL (540.5 KB)
Re: STL for toothed gear
October 22, 2008 06:38AM
I should point out that this is the Z-Toothed-pully.

my *attempt* has 74 teeth, and has an OD of 50mm, and includes a pair of lips to keep the belt in place and a center hole designed for an M8 nut.

Re: STL for toothed gear
October 24, 2008 09:28PM
Hey, if you haven't already built it, put a lip on only one side, then alternate the pulleys up down and space them up down a bit. That way it's really easy to get the belt off to adjust things. And you'll need to be doing that a lot, at least in the beginning.

Someone in here posted pics of using bike gears and chain. I really like that idea for the Z drive - I had a lot of trouble getting my Z drive working well. I'm not sure you can get small enough gears for the X and Y, but I'm only using 200 step steppers (and half stepping them). Maybe it works with 400 step units. Might be a little non-linear too, we'll see.

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