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Microfluidic deposition head.

Posted by Adrian Wilkins 
Microfluidic deposition head.
December 05, 2007 07:04AM
I saw this....

And my first thought was that it looked similar to a biodiesel reactor design I'd seen previously, and maybe it would be a reasonable way for the home user to fabricate such a thing ... but I'm not sure how well a rubber substrate would stand up to biodiesel production (the original used glass or a hard polycarbonate, I think).

My thoughts since then have been arranged around precision deposition ; could you exploit microchannels to make high precision structures? Perhaps use some sort of epoxy or other binary fluid?

A bit of a solution looking for a problem I suppose ; but my thoughts were naturally drawn to RepRap through association. Both projects using commonly available materials to achieve uncommon results, that is. Thought that the community could maybe get something out of the idea.
Re: Microfluidic deposition head.
December 05, 2007 07:17AM
Hi Adrian,

... it's the topic from this thread too: [forums.reprap.org]

We should bring the two threads together ...

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