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Z2 motor not responding properly

Posted by fullHundo 
Z2 motor not responding properly
March 15, 2018 06:01AM
I'm building a new printer using the MKS Base 1.4 board from my old printer. Everything is working great now except for the second Z motor. It is connected to E1 on the board, and I have enabled #define Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS in Configuration_adv.h.

The Z axis seems to home decently well with a little bit of extra noise (which makes me think the Z1 and Z2 motors aren't moving at the exact same rate, but maybe they weren't perfectly level to begin with), even when it has to travel 30+mm to reach the endstop. But, when I manually tell it to move in increments, Z1 will turn just fine and Z2 seems to either barely turn or not move at all. I would think that Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS wasn't working if it weren't for the fact that Z2 does move when homing. Any suggestions?
Re: Z2 motor not responding properly
March 18, 2018 06:52AM
Seems like the issue was the voltage going to the Z2 motor. My multimeter wasn't working properly, but I adjusted the pot on E1 to a bit higher voltage and the motor started responding properly. It must have only worked when homing because of leadscrews + gravity making it just easy enough to go down, but not enough power to push up. Just an update in case someone comes across the post in the future.
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