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Is this ringing? - What is causing this lines?

Posted by AfroPsycho 
Is this ringing? - What is causing this lines?
March 25, 2022 03:34AM
I am setting up my printer with new board, drivers and fresh compile of marlin 2.x
As you can see in the pictures below there is both horizontal and vertical lines appearing on all of the axis
Notice that horizontal lines only occurs below and above of the letters
I don’t think it is ringing because there is no artifact of ringing around letters so no echo
I have tuned x-y steps ( didn’t tuned z yet ) as well as e steps
Acceleration has been tuned to reduce the ringing ( and if you ask me it worked )
My jerk is set to 10 I have reduced it to 1 and that vertical lines doubled than I set it to 20 now I have shaper edges but still same lines same places

Like I said I have changed mb drivers and marlin so this is probably a mechanical issue
Or maybe slicer settings?

What could be the reason of this
And how can I solve this

A note
This issue been appearing way before I have changed parts this is why I think it is mechanical

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Re: Is this ringing? - What is causing this lines?
March 29, 2022 12:28PM
What kind of printer? The inconsistent layers in the first photo are something I've always struggled with, and what made by far the biggest difference was changing from bowden to direct drive. Partial clogging may also be one cause, so putting a wiper on the filament between the spool and extruder is a good idea.

The vertical lines in the second photo are strange though. The only place I've gotten anything like that is with my SCARA printer, which doesn't have quite enough reduction ratio or rigidity. So if it's a delta or some form of polar coordinate machine, then maybe it could be caused by the combined motion of multiple motors to move in a straight line, and the difference in holding power between full step and microstep positions. It definitely doesn't look like what you get from ringing on a cartesian machine, but could be on a polar machine where the oscillation is angular rather than linear.
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