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Prusa i3 Acrylic

Posted by Carlos Fellip 
Prusa i3 Acrylic
September 29, 2014 05:45PM
Hi people I'm new in the forum and 3D printing "world".
I have just finished building the mechanical part and wiring of my Prusa i3 kit.
But i have no ideia of which softwares I should install. Also i don't know which sketch i have to upload on Arduino MEGA.
May be you could help me giving some guideline (I didn't found any tutorial of how to use the 3D printer for the first time)....
Carlos Fellip
Sorry for any mistake I'm brazilian smiling smiley
Re: Prusa i3 Acrylic
September 30, 2014 12:52PM
There should be a link in the RAMPS 1.4 section of the RepRap Wiki for some test code you can load onto your Mega2560. This is a simple script to flicker some LEDs so you know the boards powered correctly as well as moving your motors back and forth so you know they are connected and working.

For the firmware, I think Marlin is the default for Prusa's, though Repieter 0.91 should work as well. The nice thing for a beginner is that Repieter F/W has a configuration dialog to set a lot of the values in your Config.h file, so you won't have to browse thru a lot of code immediately. Eventually you will want to figure out what the different flags in the code do however.

For the software to connect to and controlling you printer, I would start with Repieter Host, though I have yet to play with the current release. You do not need to use the Repieter firmware, the software will work with Marlin. The firmware also should come with slicing software for converting STL files (downloaded from Thingiverse or Youmagine) into g-code that can be processed by the printer firmware.

However, I would check with / email the provider of your kit. They should have recommendations or links to guides for installing software and calibrating your prints. Google is also a decent choice for getting started.
Re: Prusa i3 Acrylic
October 01, 2014 01:56AM
Thank you Kurzaa!
I found the test code, the firmware (i downloaded Marlin) and the Repieter Host. I will try this out and send an e-mail for the provider of my kit too.
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