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Help! Extremely basic program loading problem on Extruder board

Posted by Idaholion 
Help! Extremely basic program loading problem on Extruder board
June 25, 2010 10:53AM
I hope someone can help me, I purchased the basic Mendel boards from Techzonstore and had a EE friend of mine populate the boards. The quality of the boards seems great by the way. I have loaded bootloader files onto the board as directed, all seems to be fine. I downloaded the programs from the current stable location at reprap. I followed the instructions on "programming an extruder controller" section step by step. When I plug in the cable I get a new com 3 serial port. I made sure it was selected, compiled the program as instructed using the Arduino 0018 program, hit the upload button. It says "uploading to i/0 board" and in the comment section says Binary sketch size: 6844 bytes [of a 14336 byte maximum]. I notice that one of the LEDs is on when I plug the cable in, (I am assuming that is the Power LED) but when It says uploading, no other lights flicker, which the instructions say should happen. after 20 seconds or so, I get the Problem uploading to board message. I have followed the instrictions and unplugged the USB cable for a few seconds, plugged it back in, held down the reset button, let it up and immediately pressed the upload button several times, I keep getting the same response. I have reloaded the bootloader, (am using USBtiny for that) and tried again, same response.
Loading the program into the Master worked fine, I just can't get the extruder program to load. Any suggestions? I have gone over the soldering with a microscope, can't see any obvious flaws.
Re: Help! Extremely basic program loading problem on Extruder board
June 26, 2010 04:15AM

Can't help directly with your problem. However if you can get the bootloader on you can load programmes the same way. Details here:-


I use this method with a Sanguino that will not accept downloads for some reason.


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