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heat bed stops the print.

Posted by betoys 
heat bed stops the print.
October 16, 2017 04:13PM
Hi All.

i have this problem with my delta printer i just finish
hope someone can help me.

i am using marlin 1.1.4

when i slice a model with no heated bed it prints ok with PLA 210 hot end ( with the warping usual problems )
but when i slice the same model with the heated bed ( 60 degrees ).
it stops and gives me a thermalrunaway message.
and the power supply ( 12v DC 30A 360w ) was geting kind of hot, the fans on it went on and it feels like the power supply
was working a lot.

i bought a MOSFET for the 3d printer bed and a separate power supply just to feed the bed mosfet
and now the main power supply works great, no heating or heavy working on it, and the second power supply
heats the bed ok, slow but ok.

the thing is that when i try to print with the hot bed it still stops and gives me the
thermalrunaway error early in the print, even in a calibration cube.

and if pritn with out heat bed the printer works fine.

please help me.

attach the configuration_H

open | download - Configurationh.txt (57.6 KB)
Re: heat bed stops the print.
October 17, 2017 08:39AM
Do youhave a thermistor in good contact to the heatbed?
Is the thermistor correct configured in your firmware?

Slow heating with the new Powersupply sounds strange. How did you connect MOSFET and 2nd Powersupply to the controller and first Powersupply?

For the heatbed you have BANG-BANG enabled - not PID - maybe try PID insted?
just remove // from
//#define PIDTEMPBED

if Problem still persists check configuration_adv.h - there you find the parameters for thermal runaway - maybe time ist to short, maybe difference is to tight.
But any changes here should be done very carefully! - This is - I would say - the most important security feature, if thermistor gets loose from heatbed!

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Re: heat bed stops the print.
October 17, 2017 10:21AM

thanks for your help.

i will check that the thermistor is in contact with the bed.

i already change to PID and aslo run the PID to get the values and store them in the firmware.

how do i know if tthe thermistor is the right one i select on the firmware?

I connect the second power supply 12v out to the mosfet DC in, the hot bed wires to the mosfet and the control to the ramps hot bed.
i dont have any connection between the 2 power suplies

question, i have the hot end fan (E3dv6) and also 2 more fans for cooling the filament, can it be to much air blowing in to the center of the bed and this causing cooling the bed.
open | download - IMG_3931.JPG (462.7 KB)
Re: heat bed stops the print.
October 17, 2017 07:39PM

i got it working, it was way to much air from the 2 fans, i think that even the hot end fan helps in small
pieces, i print a calibration cube 25 x 25 x 10mm and as soon as the fans kick in in the 2nd layer
i stop the fans and went great.

i am thinking on slicing small parts at a20% fan in the 2nd layer on.


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