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SD Card issues on GT2560 Rev A and A plus boards

Posted by e415ldc 
SD Card issues on GT2560 Rev A and A plus boards
April 01, 2020 06:36PM
I've been using a few i3 clones with a GT2560 Rev A and a Rev A plus boards for several years. Both boards work well with my systems including the 3d Touch bed leveling sensor. I am using Repetier as my printing host software and Slicer for my slicing. I have never been able to get the SD card slot in any of my 5 boards to actually work. The slot is part of the LCD2004 display. (I have five GT2560s and five LCD2004s no combination works) The display will say media inserted, so the detect pin seems to be functioning. But if I scroll to SD Media, it shows "no media". I have tried several sizes of cards and different formatting of the cards as well.

I have had the same issue with Marlin 1.0.5, 1.1.9 and the current 2.0.x.x version as well.

Does anyone have any trouble shooting procedures for this environment?

Thank you for any advise you can supply.
Re: SD Card issues on GT2560 Rev A and A plus boards
April 01, 2020 08:29PM
I have two different LCD2004's and the pin-out is backwards on the two Displays.
I proved the key was reversed by Plugging my original ribbon Cable with the key as shown In the Photo Below.
Note Red Strip wire on right. Key on bottom

I made the cables for the top Display to work. As the Key is on the bottom By rotating the Connector 180 before crimping to the cable.

The Bottom Display has the key On the Top as seen in the Image above.

Now after all the work I went thru, discovered the Black plastic could be removed and pushed back on rotated 180 and work with the original cables.

Ps I have Hictop's 3DP11 & 3DP12

Searched the Web and found this

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