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SKR v1.3 BOARD.txt

Posted by 4lathe 
SKR v1.3 BOARD.txt
June 27, 2019 07:05PM
I have been getting some great help from a board member here but decided to ask if anyone had a board.txt for a bigtree skr v1.3 board. I've been running Marlin 2 on it in an ENDER 3 with bltouch that's pretty frankenstein'd out. I ran Klipper on it before that but both of these need work.
I run a duet3d board on a couple deltas and really like that setup. thx for any help
Re: SKR v1.3 BOARD.txt
June 27, 2019 09:05PM
This was supposed to be in LPCportreprapfirmware.
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