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helmet liner mold help wanted

Posted by JS23 
helmet liner mold help wanted
July 01, 2019 12:47PM
Hello group,

First post... pretty excited on how this will pan out... smiling smiley

I'm in the process of restoring flight helmets.
Lots of them have two piece hardfoam liners. The liners are typically made in molds.
Two pieces make one liner to go in the helmet shell. The material is expanding two component foam
that hardens inside the mold. Afterwards the pair is trimmed and covered with leather for wearing comfort.

I have an original liner consisting of two pieces so I can send it to the mold maker.
Because I lack the knowledge and handyness to make a mold myself... it is my quest to find a skilled person to make a mold so I can repeat making liners.
It goes without saying I'll pay for the fabrication of the mold plus shipping.

An illustraton is attached.

Many thanks for your answers
Best regards! thumbs up
open | download - Capture.PNG (146.5 KB)
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