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Inconsistent layers

Posted by Techytom 
Inconsistent layers
April 10, 2016 10:01AM
Hi again guys,

I am in need of more help, the first few layers go down perfectly with no clicking sound at all, but then as you can see in the picture it just messes up after that causing me to have messed up layers and it not turning ot correctly.

Is there any help?

Sorry i am really new still to this, if there is help could it be explained in lamens terms.

Printer is Prusa i3 proB

Kind Regards
open | download - IMG_0829.JPG (394.4 KB)
Re: Inconsistent layers
April 20, 2016 07:11AM
Hi Tom,

I'm just an old guy and by no means an expert but I've built a Mendel from a kit and got it working quite well so I'll help if I can.

First off, is the picture you posted taken from the top of one side?

What do you mean "the first few layers go down perfectly with no clicking sound"? Are you saying that when it goes wrong, there is a clicking sound? If so, where from?

I'll assume that you have built the thing so that it's all level and square. If not, double check everything. Have you done all the basic calibrations? Have you got the Z axis homing properly? Have you calibrated the extruder?

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