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General Mendel Topics

Prusa i2, Prusa i1, Prism, Sells, and other Mendel variants 
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RepRapPro Mendel commissioning(2012) Attachments

by trusty-trev
316 1 01/15/2024 10:52AM
Last Post by trusty-trev

leveling problem the nozzle hitting bed Creality CR-R5 pro Attachments

by Four_Nobody
2,635 1 12/01/2022 05:57PM
Last Post by Four_Nobody

BL touch on a Mendel carriage.

by zBeeble
2,397 1 08/03/2022 04:28PM
Last Post by zBeeble

I need your help about the board MK808B Clone eye popping smiley Attachments

9,832 15 01/14/2022 11:05PM
Last Post by Dust

RepRap Samuel - A variation on the Mendel   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by silpstream
26,145 115 01/12/2022 11:08AM
Last Post by Jase

Melzi Ardentissimo mendel i2

by yaboo
2,649 1 12/20/2021 07:43PM
Last Post by yaboo

Prusa Mendel Z axis doesnt work

by B3nki
5,462 3 08/25/2021 01:58PM
Last Post by shady0248

MK3 Alu-Heatbed how to print with a hole in center.

by Carlos Fellip
5,645 6 06/25/2021 01:16PM
Last Post by ag123

RepRapPro Mendel 3 - printable parts

by nanotone
3,846 2 06/06/2021 03:14PM
Last Post by Gaou

RepRap iTopie - A Prusa i3 evolution - Development discussion   (Pages: 1 2)

by skarab
23,075 43 02/20/2021 04:15PM
Last Post by NovaHuta

Prusa i3 mandel

by yar60
4,026 2 02/12/2021 05:05AM
Last Post by Dust

New heat bed for Orcabot 0.4 Attachments

by NozzleMover
4,236 1 12/07/2020 08:24AM
Last Post by NozzleMover

Kapton forming bubbles under print

by mlaustin66
6,270 11 09/28/2020 05:17PM
Last Post by Keveeeeeee

Strange loud buzz before homing normally Attachments

by villainousindustries
5,424 8 06/02/2020 01:34PM
Last Post by Justinjjhcs1

Buzzing steppers when homing

by cmerce
6,856 7 06/02/2020 04:06AM
Last Post by MKSA

Gen 6 delux electronics - Programm with ISP

by NozzleMover
4,831 2 05/27/2020 03:36AM
Last Post by NozzleMover

Attempting to print above bed. Attachments

by TerryD15
5,102 1 03/12/2020 04:32AM
Last Post by TerryD15

My printer is set up with the nozzle offsets and when the printer homes the nozzle is just right. The Attachments

by TerryD15
4,926 3 03/12/2020 02:11AM
Last Post by TerryD15

Z axis not lowering Attachments

by TerryD15
5,131 2 03/10/2020 11:24AM
Last Post by TerryD15

Prusa i3 Isee Board, Needs Firmware urgent! please smiling smiley Attachments

by edisonpaul4
8,129 6 12/18/2019 05:32PM
Last Post by poggia10

Here is my Prusa i3 !   (Pages: 1 2)

by franck
23,452 43 10/26/2019 05:51AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

How to recycle a ReprRapPro MENDEL

by Jef_Lord
6,518 6 08/01/2019 08:49AM
Last Post by Jef_Lord

Project log: Air 2 upgrade

by Ohmarinus
6,526 4 04/03/2019 03:02PM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Strange lumpiness after print is about 1cm high Attachments

by davies46
5,841 4 03/24/2019 06:19AM
Last Post by MotoBarsteward

Advice on Firmware/Software and Extruder

by Adam.m.Nelson
6,047 4 03/18/2019 03:15PM
Last Post by dlc60

printrbot printrboard Rev. D

by ola
6,027 2 01/21/2019 09:50AM
Last Post by Dust

my prusa i2 is stalling on the Z changed stepper driver and greased screws

by terramir
6,328 6 11/27/2018 09:44AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Dimension error in Z

by ChicoCyberGoth
6,095 12 10/31/2018 11:39AM
Last Post by blt3dp

Problem with X carriage and extruder Attachments

by ChicoCyberGoth
5,965 1 10/27/2018 10:18PM
Last Post by ChicoCyberGoth

Anet A8 Homing Issues

by punker970
5,823 2 10/27/2018 02:26AM
Last Post by jefbed