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New heat bed for Orcabot 0.4

Posted by NozzleMover 
New heat bed for Orcabot 0.4
December 07, 2020 08:24AM
Hi Orca-freinds,
I am running my Orca now since some years and have made several improvements to it: Better filament cooling, filament guide between nozzle and feeder unit, linear rails for x-axis, micrometer screw for bed leveling, housing for ABS printing and it got better and better each time. Though one thing really pulls me down every time I print something bigger.

The heated bed has two very large wholes in it (see attached picture from the manual). I do not know why they are so large but I see reproducible warping when printing ASA over these areas. Now I want to have a new heated buildplate that is not held by 3 triangular skews but with 4 at the corners to achieve equal heat distribution. I will use an adapter plate to connect the three point mounting (keeping the good bed leveling properties of the three screws) to the new build plate above. I will loose some Z-hight here but my main problem is the warping not missing Z-hight.

Question: What heat mat can I use? In the spec I found that the power supply for the bed is 24V and 150 W. As I will anyway buy a new aluminum flat milled sheet, I can make it deep enough to fit an ender silicone heat mat (235x235mm) to it like this one:


It has 24V but 200W. If the power supply and the Gen6 deluxe board will only handle150W it should be also fine, right? Or will it not reach the 95°C that my current bed achieves?

Thanks for your comments and thoughts.

open | download - OrcaHeatBed.png (186 KB)
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