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Mendel Printing Problem

Posted by olvis 
Mendel Printing Problem
November 30, 2010 11:39AM
Hi all,

I've just completed building a Mendel using Techzone Gen 3 Electronics and Adrian's Geared Extruder and they all seem to work fine and configured steps/mm for x,y & z. I'm using the latest Repsnapper software (as I had problems with the using RepRap host software).

I can extrude ABS at a temperature of 250deg (which i found through trial and error) but I'm having trouble finding the correct feedrates for ABS at the momment using 3000mm/min (the default in Repsnapper). But when I try and print it seems to have difficulties in extruding, I've made sure that it sends the correct temperature M104 S250.0 in the gCode but it doesnt seem to wait to get to that temperature and as you have to turn of temperature updates to prevent errors.

The other problem is what XYZ feedrates should I be using with this setup.

Sorry for the brain dump but if anyone can help it would be much appreciated and if you need any more info or pictures of the setup give us a shout.

Re: Mendel Printing Problem
December 02, 2010 04:12AM

M109 S250 will wait for temperature to be reached before moving in the later firmwares.



Re: Mendel Printing Problem
December 02, 2010 08:49AM
Brilliant, thats done the trick. Thanks for the help. Also I've now moved onto using repsnapper to generate the gcode and using the reprap host software to send the gcode, as I found with repsnapper I was getting requests for resends but not acting on them.
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