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Posted by Creativa16 
May 25, 2018 03:55AM
Hello... I'm an italian girl that have buy 3D printer to assembling...
now I've a problem... in the manual there is 2 pieces of this (photo attach) but I've only 1..
can you help me and tell me what is and if I can buy it and where?
or if I can change motherboard and if yes what?
thanks a lot and excuse me for my bad english
open | download - 2393cc74-a3e3-4b64-8f0f-af54e32363b6.jpg (194.7 KB)
open | download - dd49b8a5-326e-428b-8f19-44dd68b82fa7.jpg (238.1 KB)
May 25, 2018 02:48PM
What's the other side of the board in the first picture look like?

It looks like a custom board, you might want to reach out to where you got the printer from to get the replacement part.

If you wanted to replace it, you could replace it with these:

Arduino Mega 2560. I would stay with an official Arduino and not a clone.

Ramps 1.4. You could go with any Ramps 1.4, but you'll want to read the reviews. Some are not so good quality.

Stepper Drivers, these you may be able to use from what you already have. Though I cannot be sure. These should definitely work.

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