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prusa i3 3d printer

Posted by aaronjohn 
prusa i3 3d printer
February 06, 2015 07:10PM
i dont know if this is in the right place but i need some help i have a prusa i3 3d printer and im having problems connecting it to my computer to use repetier or pronterface. i can send stuff to it using arduino. i have made sue the baud rate and the come port all match but still nothing i am useing windows 7 64 bit please help
Re: prusa i3 3d printer
February 09, 2015 07:24AM
Where have you set the baudrates?
One is in your firmware, the other in either Repetier (or Pronterface).
Only one device can use a COM port (Virtual in this case) at one time, have you closed the Arduino software?

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