Blobs at 'lift up' corner
November 21, 2011 02:09AM
I've been having one persistent problem with my prints that I can't quite seem to be able to change at all, either for the better or the worse. I always get oozing at the 'lift up' corner - the corner of the print where the extruder pauses for a second to lift up the z-axis.

I can only see two settings in SFact that would seem to affect this blobbing. - Oozerate (mm/min) and Extruder Retraction Speed (mm/s). Are these the right settings to manipulate? What values would you recommend to change to help this problem?

I've also had a quick look at the daily branch of SFact, as it seems to have a lot more retraction options, under the dimension tab, but there I've got too many choices, and I don't know where to start!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Blobs at 'lift up' corner
November 23, 2011 01:17AM
Since breaking the Mendel parts nozzle I had and fitting a J head nozzle this has almost disappeared for me

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Re: Blobs at 'lift up' corner
November 23, 2011 06:16PM
Thanks for the suggestion Nelson.

I'm not using a J-nozzle at the moment, but I've got a spare one tucked away in case my main nozzle breaks. I might give it a try, as I'm not having much luck with settings-fiddling.

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