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[SFACT] Retraction always 0.0

Posted by Joost-b 
[SFACT] Retraction always 0.0
May 22, 2013 10:38AM
My prints have some stringing if i do a oozebane test. I noticed that the Gcode generated by SFACT V2.1 11.08.11 is always is E-0.0

G1 X-4.421 Y-14.25 Z1.6 F3600.0 E0.321
G1 F900.0
G1 E-0.0
G1 F3600.0
G1 X4.141 Y13.733 Z1.6 F7800.0
G1 F900.0
G1 E0.0
G1 F7800.0
G1 X3.733 Y14.141 Z1.6 F3600.0 E0.0065

This is exact the same as described in an issue on github: ahmetcemturan/SFACT/issues/8 This issue is closed with the comment to set the value 'minimum retraction before extrusion' to 0. Doing that unfortunatelly causes a division by zero error. Putting the value on 0.00000001 does not cause a division by zero, but gives the same code as showed above.

Is there anybody who can help me to reduce stringing/ oozing?

V2.1 11.08.11
Re: [SFACT] Retraction always 0.0
October 06, 2013 01:59PM
You should download the latest one from Github. The one You are using is one of the earliest versions.

IRC: #reprap on freenode.net (Action68)
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