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platform won't heat up, please help

Posted by malacoda 
platform won't heat up, please help
December 26, 2014 11:30AM
hi all

i just got a powerspec replicator 2 with abs plastic and am using replicatorg with skeinforg 50. when i print from the files that came from the SD card from the factory, it preheats just fine and prints nice. the problem is when i print from replicatorg (sd card or usb, doesn't matter) the platform doesn't preheat.

profile in the printer is set to abs
profile in skeinforge is set to abs
preferences table, the platform temp is set to 110c
script in start.gcode is m109 s110 t0

the only thing that i can see that is wrong is that on the control panel and the status bar in replicatorg, it read "pla extruder temp". i can't find a way to change that.

any ideas? this is driving me crazy.
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