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Anybody with working Skeinforge settings using RAMPS on a Mendel with PLA, please send me your settings

Posted by keavon 
Hello. I just cant get Skeinforge to work. It is so annoying! I would really appreciate it if I could have the svg's with the settings in it. You can attach a zip here or upload it to mediafire or some other hosting service or your website and send me a link. Thank you!
I posted the skeinforge settings I've been using for my Mendel with RAMPS, PLA, and a 0.4 mm nozzle to github here: [github.com] It's not perfect, but it should be a good start. Here's some of the results: [www.flickr.com]

Tony Buser http://tonybuser.com * http://reprap.org/wiki/User:Tbuser#Projects
Wow! Thank you so much! I am using a .35 nozzle, but I'll try and figure out how to change that (Skeinforge is so confusing). I hope this really makes it start working great!
Thank you!
The nozzle size doesn't really change anything in Skeinforge. It just alters the useful range of layer heights you can use. That is why it doesn't appear in any of the settings and it doesn't appear in any of the calculations.

Ehhh... for some reason those settings tell the machine to drop the z axis down about 5mm or so. It burnt through my plastic build platform (I have no z endstop mounted yet). I have been meaning to replace it for a while, so you actually did me a favor. I replaced it with a nice aluminum one. =D
So how exactly do you make it not go down in the settings? Thanks!
Ahh... never mind. I just activated bottom and fixed it.
keavon Wrote:
> Ahh... never mind. I just activated bottom and
> fixed it.

I noticed a new feature "bottom" has appeared, what does it do anyone? There is no documentation yetsad smiley


I have noticed a number of Skeinforge elements which seem to have been in RAFT but now have been removed to independant elements. Such as Temperature and (I think) Bottom - the Raft documentation contains a reference to Bottom Altitude which seems to now be in Bottom and not Raft.
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