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Generalized Slicer Pipeline

Posted by solijohn 
Generalized Slicer Pipeline
March 27, 2014 10:30AM
Has anyone ever made a graph of a general slicer pipeline?

I have seen a great many slicers, and it sometimes unclear what the over arching organization is until the source code is read.
Or are slicer implementation details so varied that this is not a worthwhile exercise?
Re: Generalized Slicer Pipeline
April 03, 2014 06:39PM
The pipeline of Cura is fairly simple to understand. This is what it does (simplified):
  1. Optimises the model by creating an index of which polygons are adjacent.
  2. Slices the model into a list of 2D polygons for each layer
  3. Generates a support map from the slices
  4. Calculates the layer parts such as perimeter and infill from the slices and support map.
  5. Converts the layer parts into G-Code

I'm not sure how other slicers compare to this. Step 4 is where the biggest variations are likely to be between slicers.
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