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extrusion stepper motor speed setting

Posted by basbasbas 
extrusion stepper motor speed setting
December 13, 2017 07:32AM
Dear all,

just a quick question, I'm trying to build a customised extruder with a syringe and would like to use the stepper motor from the filament extruder (basically just exchanging the nozzle setup but keeping the wiring and the existent motor). I set everything up but I'm still struggling to find a way to adjust the rpm of the extrusion stepper. I there any way to set this in the repetier software? or a g-code command?
many thanks for your help!
(sorry I'm new here as well as to the world of DIY 3d printers, please let me know if you need some further infos)
many thanks!
Re: extrusion stepper motor speed setting
January 17, 2018 08:22AM
This is a number of slicer settings

depends on what your using to generate gcode

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Re: extrusion stepper motor speed setting
January 17, 2018 06:35PM
You need to adjust the extruder steps/mm. This can be done either in the firmware configuration, or using the M92 command, for example M92 E100 sets 100 microsteps per mm of extrusion commanded.

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