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PS_ON atx psu

Posted by schmuck 
PS_ON atx psu
June 25, 2016 01:16AM
So I recently picked up a thermaltake 430w psu for my prusa i3. Im not a super electrically inclined person but have learned a little through the process of building and lots of videos so I knew about the shorting of the green wire to the black wire to make the system have a load and supply power to the rest of its components, but when I do this it takes anywhere from 3-6 tries of the hard switch for the psu to supply power to the rest of the components throughout the printer. And I know that the system is on because if I run an led across the green to the black it is lit but nothing else works as well as the psu having a ringing noise. Its not that big of a deal because the system works and that is the main thing, but I just find it interesting that the psu almost needs to warm up in order to work when most computer supplies start right up with the hard switch. Any ideas of how to make this a one try go?

Thanks so much for your help!
Re: PS_ON atx psu
June 26, 2016 07:42AM
Some power supply’s need a load on the 5v rails to start up

see [reprap.org]

If its a second hand/old power supply, the capacitor have probably dried out inside it and need replaced (not advisable if your not good at electronics)

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Re: PS_ON atx psu
June 26, 2016 11:31AM
I don't know if the 5v rail load is it but it might be that the power supply is old. Because it works eventually when I keep turning it on and off again and after is fires up it keeps going until I turn it off and leave it off for 5 minutes or so and then I have to repeat the same process over again. So it is probably just an old power supply. Or it is something way over my head because I think it worked just fine before I stripped off all of the original pc connectors

Thanks for your help!
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