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Stepper any good for prusa

Posted by ipecacd 
Stepper any good for prusa
December 01, 2011 03:31AM
•Nema 17 Frame 2 phase stepper motor
•Motor Body measured to be 1.355 inches long.
•Shaft 5.00mm diameter by 20.3mm (0.8inch) long with precision ground flat.
•6 Ohms bipolar series connections.
•4.8 Volts 0.8 Amperes bipolar operation, see PDF for info on unipolar operation.
•30 Oz/In holding torque, bipolar series operation.
•4 wire cable, 7.5 inch long, with 0.1 inch center single row connector attached on the free end.
•Unipolar operation possible, the coil center tap pins are on the motor body connector but no wires are connected to the center taps on the supplied cable.

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