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NEW!? S109 (Toshiba TB67S109) Stepper Drivers??

Posted by Careless 
NEW!? S109 (Toshiba TB67S109) Stepper Drivers??
June 13, 2017 03:12PM
has anyone used these S109 / Toshiba TB67S109 Stepper Driver Modules?


The closest thing I could find was the TB6600 industrial driver modules... this is a 4A!!! onboard/polulu style module.


Main features:
  • use four layers of thick copper deposited gold PCB.
  • allow full step, half step, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 step.
  • maximum input voltage: 50V; maximum output current: 4A (at good heat dissipation condition).
  • equipped with large heatsink for better cooling effect.
  • high efficiency motor current control (as to advanced dynamic hybrid attenuation ADMD, ADMD Technology, its input current can be tracked more closely than the traditional mixed attenuation mode, so it can realize high-speed
  • motor control under high speed conditions.)
  • chip built-in error detection circuit: thermal shutdown (TSD), over current shutdown (ISD), and power on reset (POR).

I just ordered some stepper wire splitters from them a month ago and these didn't exist.
Seem like they'd be decent for NEMA23 based printers? 1/32 ain't bad.
been looking at the datasheets. their ADMD hybrid current control/chop mode seems pretty cool.

anyone see these or try similar drivers? would like to know how they fare. particularily with higher amperage motors too.

would a RAMPS board even be capable of running 4 motors at 4amp without external (break-out) VMOT pins?
Re: NEW!? S109 (Toshiba TB67S109) Stepper Drivers??
June 14, 2017 01:43AM
At 50V max. you sure want to separate Ramps and the Vmot pins.
They are dirt cheap, but 1/32 still can be noisy with NEMA23. I prefer the 16/256 interpolation of DuetWifis drivers. ( I'm spoiled, I know )
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