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A4988 and 1/8 step resolution MightyBoard.

Posted by aamcle 
A4988 and 1/8 step resolution MightyBoard.
October 18, 2018 05:23PM
I'm attempting to replace 1stepper driver on a Mightyboard with a A4988 to which I will solder the pins.

As you probably know the pins on the A4988 carrier board as fitted to a mightyboard are inverted, the chip is on the pin side of the carrier. Good fun that's were the potentiometer is going to be but that's another issue.

According to ReplicatorG Sailfish 7.7 directly references microstepping at a resolution of 1/8 so I'd like to set the driver to 1/8 stepping.

The only "how to" I've found requires that I leave out the MS3 pin and bridge MS2 to MS3 with a blob of solder this will apparently give a resolution of 1/16 stepping.

What would I need to do to set a 1/8 stepping?

Apparently for 1/8 I need :-

MS1 high,..... MS2 high,..... MS3 low ....... and if they are all high then I get 1/16 stepping.

So if I don't bridge MS2 to MS3 will MS3 be low?

Thanks All. Aamcle.

Ps. I picked up an offer and bought very cheaply a board/display/driver package that will run Ramps or. Marlin and I'm so tempted to fit it.
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