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Software Design - RAMPS 1.4 Firmware

Posted by zipfactor 
Software Design - RAMPS 1.4 Firmware
December 06, 2013 12:21PM
I'm interested in getting quotes related to a project that I'm working on using the RAMPS 1.4 electronics. What is needed is firmware that will function the same as Marlin / Sprinter, with the exception of the extruder E0 / E1 outputs. The output will need to be modified so that when the extrusion event occurs, the outputs will be +12VDC, and when the extrusion event ends, the output should be at 0VDC.

The extruder outputs E0 and E1 will need to function independently from one another, but with the same output requirements as described above.

Please send a PM to me with the time and cost for this project.

Re: Software Design - RAMPS 1.4 Firmware
June 09, 2014 05:34AM
can you write an email detailed to me to prasanadear@gmail.com

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