New no-stab wire twister design
February 24, 2022 12:58PM
If you're building a printer or other machine that has long cable runs, twisting the wires helps keep everything neat. I designed and printed a wire twister a few years ago and used it for many projects but never liked having to use a screwdriver to clamp the wires in the tool. I recently designed a new tool to use wago lever nuts to clamp the wires and it is a huge improvement.

All you do is put the spinning clamp in your electric drill/screwdriver, clamp the wires into the Wagos, and spin.

More here, including a link to the CAD file: []

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: []
Re: New no-stab wire twister design
March 26, 2022 03:11PM

Storage mode- a piece of wire snapped into the Wagos will keep the two pieces together in your tool box.
I added a piece of rubber to keep it from slipping when you pull on the wires tight to twist them.

Video: []

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: []
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