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Impossible idea

Posted by Masimomo 
Impossible idea
October 06, 2011 10:42AM

I'm sorry for my bad English
I'm looking for someone to adopt my idea, I realized I do not have the ability to do this.

I look for someone really good in robotics preferably in contact with research or ability to patent or otherwise avid fans

The idea concerns an appliance for personal care very difficult to achieve if not impossible

Contact me if only for curiosity or to discuss morrisbit@yahoo.it
Liked the name and city
Re: Impossible idea
October 06, 2011 11:42AM
Hello Massimo.

I have 3 ideas to make your request possibly more successful :

1) post in the appropriate subforum. I suggest [forums.reprap.org] or [forums.reprap.org]

2) Give a little more details about your project.

3) This one is more about how I felt reading you, I'm not sure I'm absolutely right : maybe you'll get a wider audience if you don't get into patents and commercial aspects immediately. This will repulse a part of the people here who are often opensource friendly, and also make it sounds like your primary goal is about making money, that you just have an idea and want someone to work for you.

Hope this will help.

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Re: Impossible idea
October 07, 2011 02:15AM
Thanks for the advice.
it's an idea on hair cut machine (but is not an arm)
I am very easily satisfied and do not exclude a open source project

I definitely need someone to take matters in hand

how can this be?

considering the idea if you like
Re: Impossible idea
October 04, 2013 01:48AM
I might have an idea about the frame printing time.

if the rods weren't solid but rather pipes with support from the inside(like that #) it would only need a little amount of material compared to solid and thus take less time to print. could be too light though

You can get the best supporting material for your USMLE admission test exclusively on the 646-206 .For more information about this product visit BCS and also visit wikipedia ,best of luck.
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