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flsun metal frame: configure.h

Posted by wrapperz 
flsun metal frame: configure.h
October 18, 2017 05:26AM

I am trying to help out a mate who bought a chinese flsun "metal frame 3d printer". First some background info on the setup:


It is apparently delivered totally virgin state with no firmware and an SD card with Arduino, Marlin and windoze drivers and Repetier host software for Win.

There is a problem with the driver for windoze which after much time wasted going round in circles I am not even going bother with. I decided to install Aruino IDE on LInux laptop. Linux recognised the USB device straight away and the Marlin provided on the SD compiles and flashed without issues.

I had to change baudrate to 115200 in configure.h since Linux did not seem able to set the fastest speed ( this may be a driver limitation, I'm not interested in chasing that down).

Having set the baudrate the Arduino monitor shows the output from the board perfectly. That much went beautifully on Linux.

The problem is that the firmware shows an error and shuts down immediately. I'm not on site but from memory it was essentially this:

MAXTEMP reached : temperature head_ID: 0 immediate shutdown.

If I reset the board, it just prints the same preamble and ends with this msg again.

ID 0 seems to relate to the extruder head. I have checked both thermistors with a DVM and they are neg coeff 100k range components and seem to be in good order measured at the socket which plugs into the mainboard. Actual resistance at room temp was about 112 kohm and reduced with heat from finger.

Max temp error would indicate a low resistance or short circuit. So I'm considering a possible fault on the board, though the resistance at the pins ( with thermistor disconnected ) is not zero, so not a short.


1. Should I expect the configure.h provided with the machine work? It seems like a silly question when buying a product but you never know with the chinese.

2. Does anyone have a known working config for this printer?

3. Does this error indicate a board failure ( manufacturing fault ) ?

4. What is the correct thermistor parameter and board ID for this board in Marlin ?

5. Does anyone know what the controller is? It identifies as a Mega 2560 but has what looks like Pulolo drivers plugged in and is not a straight clone. Is it a clone of something like Prusa board? The manufacturer gives very little technical info about what they are providing. I don't get the impression they went as far as actually designing a product !

Thanks for any knowledge from those who know this machine.

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Re: flsun metal frame: configure.h
October 25, 2017 07:07PM
Its a "MKS Gen-L V1.0"

The error does indicate there is a short somewhere on that thermistor input or its really badly configured.
You didnt post the configuration.h so we cant comment on that

These board actually tend to have one extra mosfet so should be defined as a MKS (which is ramps + mosfet)

Considering the images shows a running printer, LCD all lit up and yet there are ZERO cables connecting anything to anything... I wouldn't lt trust this supplier to get anything right at all!
Re: flsun metal frame: configure.h
October 26, 2017 01:19AM
Thanks for the MKS tip I will check that out.

The sensor is not short-circuit, neither is there a short at the header pins, so that makes it unlikely that there is a short seen by the processor. That points to a configuration problem.

I have got the printer working by compiling and flashing Merlin-AC ( auto-levelling version ) provided by the manufacturer. The problem was found when I used the non-AC version that they also supplied.

I figured that it was best to start with the simpler version for the initial building and testing of the machine and look at auto-levelling when it is all working and tested. It now looks like they do not even test what they are supplying and the non-AC version is either buggy or misconfigured. I have not gone into comparing configs etc since it has already wasted enough of my time.

The printer now boots and functions, so I was able to get him running.

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