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Best X and Y Axis Design?

Posted by FCB17G 
Best X and Y Axis Design?
April 16, 2019 05:44PM
Hi all,

I am looking to make a large format X and Y CNC router machine which will double as a printer when I add a Z axis, printing head, and heated bed. For it to work as both a router and a printer, I need to have the X and Y axis move the router, or printer head, over the bed area. I'm thinking the best way to do this is which extruded aluminum rails and some sort of bearing system. I've though of having belts to drive each axis, but it might be hard to find them in the size I need. My other idea was a set of rubber "grip wheels" attached to my motor which would drive the X and Y axis on a rail, with the motor fixed to the axis.

I'm trying to figure out which method would make more sense, which extrusion to use, and what bearing system I should have. I'm trying to make the whole system as cheap as possible, per usual!

The big issue is the size I need. I'm looking for the X and Y to be able to cover a 60" square (5 foot square). Any suggestions are welcome for how to achieve this, there are many options but I am looking to find one that is relatively cheap, and will have good tolerances.

I have a few odd little motor gearbox combinations which came from some WWII avionics equipment, which I plan to power the axis with. They are comparable to a stepper motor in size and power, and have a "fast" and "slow" coil inside for variable speeds. Originally they would drive a loop antenna back and forth to home on a signal. I'd attach an encoder to the output for a belt driven system, and if the wheel system would work, the encoder would read the rail itself. A picture of the motor CAD is attached. The blue highlighted shaft it the output. They run on 24 volts, but that's not an issue. I can pretty easily set up a relay board so that a computer can control them, given an on/off signal or PWM.
open | download - Motor.JPG (47.1 KB)
Re: Best X and Y Axis Design?
April 17, 2019 01:36PM
Just don't. A mill/router and a printer operate at the exact opposite ends of the spectrum. If you try a dual purpose build, it will be garbage at both.

Plus you say cheap while referring to a 60" square build. Is $700 worth of electronics cheap enough? That doesn't even include any of the mechanical stuff. Rails may be another $1000. Then you have the ball screws or r&p. That's maybe half of the build.

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Re: Best X and Y Axis Design?
April 22, 2019 01:26PM
What you are asking for sounds like a tall order, as stated above.

Perhaps a good source of inspiration might be the MPCNC, R-CNC or Root 3 CNC designs (look on thingiverse). I don't think any of those would scale to the size you want, however they could at least provide you with a starting point.

What materials are you looking to mill?
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