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Repetier Firmware for Sanguinololu

Posted by ayouden 
Repetier Firmware for Sanguinololu
June 30, 2013 04:12AM

After doing some research i think i have found out why my 3D printer isn't working properly, I think it is due to having the wrong firmware. The Sanguinololu board (with ATMEGA1284P#) has Marlin already installed, and I am using Repetier software on my PC.

The printer I am using is a delta style.

I have had a quick look at the compatible firmware for the board and Repetier is not on the list.

Can anyone help as to what firmware i need, or indeed what software would work?

Also, if i need to change the firmware, how do I install it onto the board?

Thank you
Re: Repetier Firmware for Sanguinololu
July 01, 2013 07:59AM
I would suggest Repeteir or Johann's Marlin fork. I know Repetier has pretty good instructions on how to load the firmware. I am sure Johann does too but have not looked.
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