Makerslide delta planning / design
November 08, 2013 08:28PM
Ive got some makerslide turning up soon from the indiegogo makerslide Australia campaign [] . Ive ordered the delta pack which includes

3 metres (3x1 metre) of MakerSlide as well as a delta accessory set (3x standard laser cut MakerSlide carriages, 12 Delrin V-wheel shells, 36 washers, and 6 eccentric spacers

Here are my doodlings so far

Have designed and printed 2 brackets so far, planning on uploading to thingiverse when I get a bit further down the track.

Curremtly have on hand a mk2 heated bed, the stepper motors, and a RRD bulldog extruder, RRD ramps and smart controller, wiring kit, endstop switches, etc

In making the base I have initially gone with 300mm lengths of 25mm square alu tube as this seems to allow the heated bed enough room. But am wondering whether my base will be big enough for a 1 metre high bot, wouldn't take a lot of effort to go out to 400mm as I have yet to cut any of the tube, would appreciate feedback from anyone in the know as to whether It will be too wobbly.

Anyone interested in seeing the model can download through sketchups warehouse under the title "gazobs makerslide delta"

Re: Makerslide delta planning / design
November 08, 2013 10:21PM
was tossing up whether to place motors top or bottom, here is the foot / motor mount, goes at the base at this point

something like

Re: Makerslide delta planning / design
November 10, 2013 01:32AM
decided to go out to 400mm on the base triangle as this will be more stable, and will fit both my filament spool and psu in the base

model can be seen here []

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