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want to build a simple rostock with mods

Posted by terramir 
want to build a simple rostock with mods
November 19, 2016 04:39PM
terramir here,
okies my on again off again gf has been bugging me for years to build her a 3d printer,
I have a prusa 2 working so I can print parts for her.
have wood so I can make a frame well I want it to be enclosed we all know what open designs do to abs warping wise.
i bought 180 mm carbon fiber rods and I got the traxxas joints here somewhere.
I have electronics laying around.
would have to order 3 same size motors maybe 4 although I really have plenty laying around to use for the extruder.
I have a cheap e3d v6 clone for an extruder and I should probably buy a cheap disply sd panel.
anyway can't find the following things.
#1 the original rostock instructions
#2 auto leveling addition if needed I mean I could build the bottom in a way so the glass will always be the same. but an extra level of safety might not be bad.

#3 carbon fiber rod instructions
#4 the original bom
been googleing and I keep finding the max or kossel instructions grrrr.
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
November 28, 2016 02:25PM
1. Should be links to the original Rostock design on the reprap forums under the printers section, though I haven't looked in a while. Also might want to search Thingiverse, though if you still come up short, trying looking for the Rostock Mini designs as I believe Bob Ewans (?) design includes links to the original.

2. I use an FSR kit from Ultibots for auto-calibration. Essentially puts three force resitive sensors under the glass build plate (with silicone feet on top of the sensor to focus pressure) connected to a daughter board that monitors the average resistance and then sends an endstop trigger to the printer whenever a change is detected. Not sure of the status of Marlin for delta auto-calibration, its different then auto-level.

3. Can't help, sorry.

4. Can't help, other than linked through reprap website on the printer.
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
November 30, 2016 09:32PM
Still need help with this it seems like the Rostock, is highly depreciated on the web :-( .
I dunno but johann seems to have erradicated the original build logs and instructions in favor of the kossel.
Honestly I want to build a working printer as cheaply as possible with the parts I already have but without those build logs and instructions it is going to be difficult to say the least.
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 01, 2016 01:12AM
A delta is not that hard to design/build, I don't get whats your problem that require instruction... if your not able to figure this out by yourself, maybe you shouldn't build it.

There plenty of build log and info on delta on this forum, all delta are similar you should have enough info to do it without specific instruction.
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 01, 2016 03:19AM
I need certain basic info, in order to modify from there.
I can find partial plans, but I don't want to frak up,
because materials and financial resources are scarce.
I have drill rod and virtually everything needed
To finish this project the way I envision it.
I want an enclosed printer for larger ABS prints.
And the Rostock would be optimal to enclose with cooling below. But I need certain data and the documentation it of much poorer quality than
the Prusa2, i3, mendel90 etc.
A lot of links pan out pointing towards the kossel
Or dead :-(
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 01, 2016 06:48AM
This printer came with copyrighted instructions: [www.reprap.cc]
Maybe you can contact the seller and ask whether they sell you only the instructions.

But really, there is no significant difference between delta printers. You can use and adapt instructions from some other delta printer. The only thing which maybe very rostock specific is that one must drill holes in both top and bottom plate at once so that they are exactly at the same locations. Other printers would have this in their instructions too (if they would have any top/bottom plate).

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Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 01, 2016 09:20AM
I thought the Rostock was open source? So wouldn't RepRap Austria be required to publish or at least make available for free a copy of the design files they used for their version? Then again, I thought RepRap Austria had gone out of business a couple years ago.

I also think most people point to the Kossel as it is a more stable version of delta printers then the original Rostock (not that it isn't a good machine). Not sure what the budget is, but perhaps it is better to look for a cheap chinese kit or investigate implementing a Kossel frame then wasting time and effort trying to build a Rostock.
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 01, 2016 11:36AM
my remaining budget is well drill rods well the few drill rods I might need to add from the supply I got laying around.
so maybe like three 15 bucks ;-)
and maybe a few dollars more.
I might even go the PLA bushing and moly grease route if I can't find lm8uu's laying around that's how broke I am now. might have to order a carbon fiber 4mm solid rod to extend the 180mm and the traxxas to the right length.
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 01, 2016 08:16PM
Design is open. It does not mean that some specific instructions are open too.
But you may be right. Those instructions may be open too. I have seen them few years ago and I do not recall them to be under an open license. I'm sure they were not downloadable from a public URL. I think they were sent by email. Anyway I do not have them any more.
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 02, 2016 10:03AM
With Terramir's experience, I guess I was assuming he could puzzle out the instructions for the printer on his own. The big thing he needs is the CAD files for cutting the boards. Though as old as the design is, maybe it is just written as instructions rather than open source CAD files for cutting the boards with a CNC.

Good luck to you though Terramir.
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 02, 2016 10:28AM
I doubt Terramir is looking for design files because those are still easily available on github: [github.com]

I think he is looking for step by step instructions how to built it from the design files.

Also many modified versions of design files exists (at least) on thingiverse. Definitely carriages are better tied with zip ties and not screws like in the original design. It is also good to replace universal joints with ball joints.

I have design files for a heavily modified rostock(*) myself, but no instructions. But everybody probably wants to modify the design files their own way. Because everybody may have bought different parts.

(*) My modifications:
  • Ø 12 mm rods instead of Ø 8 mm ones
  • strengthened brackets
  • updated for MP-Jet angle ball joints
  • geared flying extruder instead of the direct one on the wall
  • strengthened frame (no design file for this)
Re: want to build a simple rostock with mods
December 02, 2016 10:56PM
My planned modifications:
Fully enclosed print area with door,
as well as a fan duct with tubing to a water bubbler for toxic filtration. platform fan for pla (door open for PLA).
enclosed motor area with ventilation / cooling,
Electronics and display.
Custom designed and printed beating sleeve/ flange.
Custom printed parts to deploy
And retract a z height thing based on kossel.
Just having the basics complete
Helps make the modifications.
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