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Homing Issue

Posted by Pyro_Llama 
Homing Issue
January 02, 2017 10:58AM
Hello all, I have an issue. Recently, I bought the FLSUN Kossel Delta kit. I have it all set up and connected to my PC, but when I upload the Marlin firmware and use the G28 command in Repetier Host, only my Y and Z axes go to their home location. Running M119 shows that the X endstop is triggered, but even after unplugging the switch it still says it is triggered. I had this issue earlier but reflashing the firmware solved it, but then I realized my endstops were not equidistant from the top frame, so I moved the X endstop and now I have the issue all over again. I've scoured Google and cannot find anything that helps, or something I can even make sense of as I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to Arduino. After some testing, I've narrowed it down to the fact that either the connector for the X endstop isn't connecting well with the plug, or the switch itself is busted. The latter doesn't make sense though, as I had it working earlier. I also tested the switch with a ohmmeter for resistance and there was a connection so the switch is not broken. That leads to only the plug. I just have no idea how to test it. Any help?

Pastebin of Marlin configuration.h: [pastebin.com]

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Re: Homing Issue
January 02, 2017 04:40PM
Maybe you have an intermittent shortcut in the endstop connector, faking a triggered X-switch. I'd take a closer look on my controller and it's backside.
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