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September 11, 2018 07:59PM
I have a question
Generally, home position is set in the firmware of commercially available 3D printer?
Since the firmware is not published, I do not know what to fix.
My printer can not move to the home position and can not print.
Please tell me how to solve it
The enclosure is KOSSEL, but it is all Geeetech Rostock 301.

There are recorded videos recorded here
Re: home position
September 12, 2018 08:58AM
Firmware defines how the printer will home. But it looks like your printer starts to home correctly but endstops are not working. There is g-code to report end stop status. Check whether the status changes properly when you activate end stop manually. Maybe you can find something for end stop testing in your LCD menu too.

If you do not like what your closed firmware is doing then replace it (this may need replacing the electronics if your electronics is not supported by some open firmware).
Re: home position
September 12, 2018 09:14AM
Use this command to get the current state of all end-stops, useful for setup and troubleshooting. End-stops are reported as either “open” or “TRIGGERED”.
M119 ;Get Endstop Status

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Re: home position
September 13, 2018 02:04AM
The problem was solved.
It was an initial malfunction.
It is caused by having believed the manufacturer.
Thank you.

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