Trying to understand UBL (only probes left half of the bed)
November 13, 2019 01:24PM
Hi, so I'm in the process of validating my first selfbuilt Delta. All seems to go well now after having had many, many, maaaany bumps on the road.

But.. UBL doesn't like me. In fact, automatic bed leveling doesn't like me at all. Somehow, the auto bed leveling only probes the left side of the bed.

For example, with UBL enabled I send G29 P1 and this is what happens:
>>>G29 P1
Default storage slot 0 selected.
Mesh invalidated. Probing mesh.
Probing mesh point 1/25.
echo:busy: processing
Probing mesh point 2/25.
echo:busy: processing
Probing mesh point 3/25.
Probing mesh point 4/25.
echo:busy: processing
Probing mesh point 5/25.
Probing mesh point 6/25.
echo:busy: processing
Probing mesh point 7/25.
Probing mesh point 8/25.
echo:busy: processing
Probing mesh point 9/25.
X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:5.07 E:0.00 Count A:15130 B:15130 C:15130

You see, it stops at 9/25 points. I am lost. The same is with Bilinear, it is supposed to probe around 90 points (don't know why that many) but it stops when it has probed the left-side of around 45 points.

With G33 it probes the entire bed so there must be something going wrong in my machine even though it doesn't report an error.

What could be happening? See the config files here:

I also have to input M665 each and every time I restart the machine. Even though it's saved with M500. Is this normal behaviour? The G33 values have been entered in my Marlin config.


Just to be sure I have set:
#define MIN_PROBE_EDGE 0

But now it only probes 11 of the 25 points. So there is still clearly something wrong. Why doesn't it take into account the probe offset to nozzle?

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